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Georgia Guide Stones: Elberton, GA: 2016

It’s interesting for me

to know that these stones have been erected all my lifetime, in an area not far from all the home places of my family, and it is just till May 4th, 2016 around 4 pm that I finally rode up on my motorcycle into a little ol place of Elberton GA. After taking a very long trip up and from Nashville, I purposely made my way to The Georgia Guide Stone to see what all the fuss is all about. It is a breath-taking sight. Massive granite stones in the edge of some road, in a tiny plot of land that sits on the top of a rolling hill overlooking the valley. Majestic! We got off the bike, stretched our legs and did the walk around to see if we could discover some “ancient secret”.

I was forced to smoke out with some dude & his dog who was just spending the day there chilling just hanging out to see who wandered in. No car, no moto, just magically appeared with the intent of camping! After about a good forty-five minutes of touching, reading, and some simply thought… I drew the conclusion that this place is… Nothing! No hype. No Ley line shit. Nothing. Just some large stones with writings upon them, possibly sitting patiently in hopes to survive to give the 10 Commandments to the next line of civilization, to the next round of humans. These stones are just simply waiting for the end of the world to come and go! The folks who pay for this site know what’s up! We climbed back onto the TW200 and headed home some six hours drive south without a second thought. It’s funny to me to read comments of hatred or see photos of the damage done to these massive stones for what they represent. “What do they represent?” The ability to say and express whatever simple human emotion one is feeling? Could be. I think they call it an amendment or rights, or something. Funny thing is… It only goes to show that humans will argue with anything, not only a fence post. Freshen up your knowledge of the basic here on Wiki. It’s interesting for me to know that these stones have been erected my entire life and I’m just now finding them. Happy I made the time before I die!