Donald Trump

2016 Hilton Head, SC


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Donald Trump: 2016 Presidential Candidate: Hilton Head, SC

I grew up with this man. How could anyone under fifty not? I knew everything about him through game shows, movies, and books, and with that alone… Know a bit of his history, I supported him!


For once in my life, I didn’t run away like I did back in 2008, moving to China when that mysterious black but not a black dude based out of some country became president with his guy-thing first lady.

Who the fuck were they? Anyone really know? When Trump announced his presidential campaign, I knew it was time to come home. Seriously perfect timing to leave China! I moved back to the states and for the first time in my life, I register to vote. Though Trump wasn’t my first choice I figured that if I was going to make my one and only lifetime vote count, might as well not waste it on that nobody presidential candidate from California that I liked. What’s his name? You know! That futurist dude!


I went to one of Trumps rallies on Dec. 31, 2015, in Hilton Head, SC. Brilliant. ! I couldn’t ask for any better candidate to Make America Great Again! As you can see that my wife & I have been working our asses off to do our part.

I can’t say so much for the crowd that surrounded me. I guess I have the same feeling no matter what the gathering may be. Just being around a mass of ignorance. Mono-directional minded infants. Again, like most mass gatherings.

I was too busy looking around watching the people, cautious of anything stupid they might do, only to see that they were all looking at me with that glare in their eyes … Wondering if I was going to do anything stupid! I guess it had to do with the fact I was a male individual not wearing a red hat! I just had my mohawk. What a brick.

America is a business, and so is my life. Get over it folks! Capitalism is just the direction the world was, has, is, and will sadly lead. Hate it or not. Unless you the reader want war in your neighborhood.!? Humans can only manage one or the other, catch up on some history if you feel the need to protest, and I wouldn’t place the blame solely on the “elite”!

People have an option!

Now, raise your hand if you want war in your neighborhood kiddos.!?

If you didn’t get the memo on how to feed yourself now or in the future… Jump boat, please. Don’t starve my kids, but hey… in reality… the Indians & Chinese will just passive-aggressively suffocate all of us out of your god fearing comforts of home and privacy.

God Bless America!



I knew who I was voting for long before my return to the states.

Though I was voting for a change. I now see, to no surprise, that it’s just a puppet show! You know, I was hoping for the best! But, I guess it’s better than nothing. At least you people get to keep your McDonalds.

Dear Republican blah blah, Please go fuck right off. I only write this because of the constant harassment via phone calls, post mail, and email asking for MORE MONEY or my VOLUNTARY SUPPORT. Remember, your organization was a cunt to Trump at the beginning to only jump on board later for you knew he was going to win without you!

Republicans, Democrats… both the same. A bunch of cunts.

Fuck Trump for taking on a side, he should have stayed INDEPENDENT.

(Trouble Bar in Beijing, China Summer 2015)

Like it or leave it. Sooner or later, we’ll all have to get over it.